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Tucson & Phoenix

Help Reach Students in Arizona

Story of Life Change

New Believer Already Sharing the Gospel in Tucson

Aiden is a new believer in the Tucson area who was led to Christ by Hannah, a Meant for More Student Leader who shared the gospel with him and began discipling him in evangelism.

Through the Christian club at their school, Hannah and Aiden started going through an 8-week Meant for More Bible Study. Through this study, students learn and review the gospel, in addition to how and why we should share the gospel. They also take our Pray 5 Challenge and begin praying for 5 unsaved friends to know Christ.

One day, while studying the Bible at a local skate park, Hannah and Aiden were approached by an atheist classmate. He came up to ask “What are you reading?” They invited him to join them and he said, “No thanks, but I appreciate what you guys are doing.” A few weeks later, the atheist student approached them again, this time with a friend. They sat down and said, “We’re just gonna listen.” At the end, he said, “I have one question, What is the purpose of life?” Aiden and Hannah were then able to share their hope in Christ with this student and his friend! They also invited them to their Christian club since they all go to the same school!

Praise God! Pray with us for Aiden and Hannah as they continue to witness boldly to their new friends.

Arizona Ministry Update

19 Student Leaders Reaching 8 Schools
  • Hired our first staff director in Tucson. After several years of praying for the Lord to raise up a full-time staff member on the ground in Tucson, we are thrilled to announce that He has answered that prayer through Breanna Loveland!
  • Over 60 people have applied for our Phoenix staff position and we are actively praying for the Lord to fill this role.
  • 19 student leaders are leading 8 Meant for More Bible Studies like you read about in Aiden's story above.
  • 3 Student Ambassadors are pioneering the Meant for More Campaign in their city. This is a new role we've launched this year, inviting students to take larger roles in reaching their city and staff. They receive extra coaching from our NSP staff and are encouraged to recruit and inspire students from their community to join the movement.
  • Ryan, a Christian club president in Tucson, boldly shares the gospel with his football teammates.

"Arizona really has been an exciting place to do campus ministry," says Devin Long, NSP's Expansion Director. 
"Several churches have been excited to join this mission of equipping students to reach other students, and they have been a blessing to work with. In Tucson, churches have been praying for a movement of God across the high school campuses for years, and we’ve been able to see God answering more and more of those prayers!"

For a more complete view of our impact in Arizona, check out the map above! We are currently coaching students from the schools marked in yellow, and we are in the process of partnering with students from the schools in blue.

2021 Goals & Prayer Requests

Please join us in praying over these goals for our Arizona team this upcoming year.

"I’m praying for an awakening to happen through the high schools in Arizona over the next few years, and that God would use these bold student leaders to inspire more Christian teenagers to be missionaries for Jesus at their schools."
- Devin Long, NSP's Expansion Director

  • 1 staff member to be recruited to serve in Phoenix
  • 15+ Meant for More Conversation Groups to form with seekers and new believers this year
  • 15+ Meant for More Bible Studies to be formed with Christians this year

Meet the Team

These NSP staff members are faithfully leading the mission in Arizona. Click on the buttons below to learn more about them or make a special donation to their staff fund!
Devin Long
West Coast Expansion Director
Breanna Loveland
Tucson Chapter Director

Tucson & Phoenix

Help Reach Students in Arizona