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San Francisco Bay

Help Reach Students in the SF Bay Area

Story of Life Change

Allison* Leads Her Neighbor to Christ!

Allison* is a student at Leigh High School in San Jose, CA, who recently decided to take the Pray 5 Challenge. As part of the Challenge, she began praying for one of the girls in her neighborhood, and eventually was able to share the gospel with her. Although this girl didn’t make a decision to accept Christ right when Allison shared, Allison continued to pray for her knowing that only the Lord can convict and stir hearts.

To Allison’s surprise, the girl called her back a short while after their gospel conversation and said she wanted to give her life to Jesus! Praise God!

*Name changed for privacy.

Bay Area Ministry Update

52 Students Reaching 25 Schools
  • Students are leading 32 Meant for More Bible Studies. Through these 8-week studies, students learn and review the gospel, in addition to how and why we should share the gospel. They also take NSP's Pray 5 Challenge and begin praying for 5 unsaved friends to know Christ.
  • 4 Student Ambassador Teams! This is a new role we've launched this year, inviting students to take larger roles in reaching their city and staff. They receive extra coaching from our NSP staff and are encouraged to recruit and inspire students from their community to join the movement.
  • Student Community Ambassadors producing a "Teacher Appreciation Prayer Video." This video, produced by students from multiple schools, will show students thanking teachers from across the city for all they've done during this crazy year, and praying for their teachers by name.

"The Bay Area is known for many things, but vibrant worship of Jesus is not one of them," says NSP's Bay Area Chapter Director, Barnaby Lee.
"This population consists of the highest percentage of unchurched and de-churched people than any other metropolitan area in the country. However, there is movement building in this generation of students, the gospel is going forth from teenagers, and lives are being restored. There is only one explanation: God is on the move, and He is moving powerfully!"

For a more complete view of our impact in the Bay Area, check out the map above! We are currently coaching students from the schools marked in yellow, and we are praying about partnering with the schools in blue this year.

2021 Goals & Prayer Requests

Please join us in praying over these goals for our SF Bay team this upcoming year.
1. Pray for 72+ Meant for More Conversation Groups to form as a result of student-led witnessing efforts.

2. Pray that students that meet Jesus as a result of Conversation Groups get plugged into a local church community.

Meet the Team

These NSP staff members are faithfully leading the mission in San Francisco. Click on the buttons below to learn more about them or make a special donation to their staff fund!
Rich Hung
California State Director
Barnaby Lee
Bay Area Director
Sam Lee
Lead Coach
Sofie Kanayama
Lead Coach
Joseph D'Angelo
Lead Coach
Lauren Lee
Lead Coach
Arden Cortez
Lead Coach
Robin Jeong
Lead Coach

San Francisco Bay

Help Reach Students in the SF Bay Area