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Help Reach Students in the Chicago Area

Story of Life Change

“If it wasn’t for Covid, I never would have met Oscar.”

Oscar* is a young man whom our Wheaton College team met earlier this fall during a socially-distanced witnessing outing. Oscar was first approached by Ian and Anna, students with NSP. When asked what he would ask God if he could ask Him any question, Oscar replied “Why is there so much pain and suffering in the world?"

Like the rest of the world, Covid had turned Ian’s life upside down. Because of this, he was able to connect with Oscar deeply on this topic. “What a gift it is to have a personal relationship with God and know that He truly is an anchor in the storm,” he said.

By the end of their conversation, Ian invited Oscar to attend church with him that Sunday. Praise God, Oscar came and after several weeks, prayed to accept Christ as his personal Lord and savior.

“He started to tear up, and after our conversation with the pastor, I gave him the opportunity to put his faith in Christ, and he said ‘Let's do it,’” says Ian. “We are planning to grab breakfast each week before church, and he is excited to keep coming back, to start reading the Bible, and to grow in his relationship with the Lord. Praise the Lord for this testament of His faithfulness!”

*Name changed for privacy.

Chicago Ministry Update

96 Students Reaching 40 Schools
  • Students leading 42 Meant for More Bible Studies. Through this study, students learn and review the gospel, in addition to how and why we should share the gospel. They also take NSP's Pray 5 Challenge and begin praying for 5 unsaved friends to know Christ. The Bible studies are spreading like wildfire at Wheaton North HS and Willowbrook High School, especially.
  • Students are engaging in one-on-one Bible studies with their friends. Students at Lockport High School are dreaming up a "Meant for More" podcast for other Christian clubs. And students in Minnesota are launching the Meant for More Campaign in their state for the very first time!
  • 4 Student Ambassadors leading the way in Chicago.This is a new role we've launched this year, inviting students to take larger roles in reaching their city and staff. They receive extra coaching from our NSP staff and are encouraged to recruit and inspire students from their community to join the movement.

"Students are hungry for hope, and with over 160 high schools in Cook County alone, there is a great opportunity!" says Jon Cox, NSP's Illinois State Director. "Pray that God would open the door to schools, and that churches would continue to rise up and shine the light of Christ into schools!"

For a more complete view of our impact in Illinois, check out the map above! We are currently coaching students from the schools in yellow, and are praying about and taking steps to begin coaching students from the schools in blue.

2021 Goals & Prayer Requests

Please join us in praying over these goals for our Illinois team this upcoming year.
"This year, we launched a new role for students called 'Student Ambassador'. It's for students who want to have a bigger impact at their school and even other schools. One such student is named Jonah.

'I want to do the [thing] that gets the Good News out the most. Maybe that means thinking creatively about communicating the gospel to my state… Establishing a network between churches and organizations in order to create a firm foundation of resources.” - Jonah, a Meant for More Student Leader

Please pray for Jonah and other students who are taking a stand to reach not only their campus, but dreaming about how to reach every student in IL."

Meet the Team

These NSP staff members are faithfully leading the mission in Illinois. Click on the buttons below to learn more about them or make a special donation to their staff fund!
Jon Cox
Illinois State Director
Heather Barnes
Special Projects Director
Matt Lohse
Wheaton Chapter Director
Kathy Craig
Regional Campaign Coordinator
Jonathan Cordova
MBI Chapter Director


Help Reach Students in the Chicago Area